Best Fall Flavored Coffee (6 Super Cozy Fall Flavors)

Coffee! You either need it or hate it, am I right? 

I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine content and I don’t feel like I need it to wake up, but I just LOVE the taste of coffee, the smell of coffee, and the variety of flavors it comes in.

There’s a coffee for every mood and I’m really into that. Some days are total salted caramel days, some are more vanilla, and sometimes black coffee is all I want. And fall is my favorite season, so I’m usually pretty into fall flavored coffees.

6 best fall-flavored coffees to try

The best fall flavored coffee you can get right now (6 flavors)

For the reasons stated above, I rounded up the best fall flavored coffee for you guys because, well, these luscious hot or cold drinks are one of the only things giving me life at the moment. (By the way, are you more into hot or iced coffee? I feel like I’m such a fence-sitter about this, I love them both.)

Note for K-cup users: I’m not listing K-cups here because I’m not a big fan of them and I don’t personally have a Keurig, so I can’t give you accurate recommendations for them. I’ll be listing my favorite ground and whole-bean coffee here! 🙂

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The OG: Pumpkin Spice coffee

Some of y’all hate pumpkin spice and I totally get it, because I actually used to. But it’s grown on me over the years and now it’s something I stock up on every fall. Last year, my pumpkin spice habit lasted well into Spring. That might have been a little over the top, but I wasn’t mad about it… pumpkin spice is a wonderful thing. If you know, you know.

Best pumpkin spice coffee for cold brew

One of my favorite pumpkin spice coffees is by Stone Street on Amazon. I was put onto this brand by Stephanie Harlowe, one of my favorite true crime Youtubers. This is the coffee she swears by, and I can totally tell why – it’s good stuff. They have coffee that’s great for cold brew and for regular coffee (not cold brew).

Best value pumpkin spice coffee

Starbucks has a solid pumpkin spice blend that I’m always happy to grab when I see it. You can get it as their pumpkin spice latte instant coffee or buy a bag of grounds or beans. If you don’t have a Starbucks near you, you can get it on Amazon or you can usually find it at Target, Walmart, etc… the usual suspects. Sometimes there are even coupons for Sbux coffee there, so check your Target app next time you go.

Wildcard pick for pumpkin spice coffee

Another solid pumpkin spice pick is the Bones Coffee “Jacked o’ Lantern” which not only has a name that’s cute AF, but it’s a top-tier coffee. Bones Coffee is great overall and one of my favorite coffee brands because their branding is super dark/goth, their beans are ethically sourced, and the coffee is consistently smooth and just great in general. This blend is heavy on the nutmeg undertones, so if that’s not your thing, then you might not like this one.


Pretzel coffee (Yes, it’s a thing)

The only reason to be mad about pretzel coffee is to be angry that you didn’t already know it existed, like me a few months ago. But now I do, and we can celebrate together. There aren’t a lot of roasters making this coffee flavor, but it WORKS and I’m here for it.

Top-tier pretzel-flavored coffee

Bones Coffee has a pretzel-flavored coffee and this is the first pretzel coffee I tried. And shortly after, I was hooked. It’s not my go-to coffee flavor but it’s surprisingly good and it definitely makes me happy. If you’re someone who can easily go through a whole bag of pretzels in one sitting (like me) then you’ll love this.


Woman writing in her journal enjoying coffee: best fall flavored coffee to try

Salted caramel coffee

Salted caramel is one of my favorite flavors ever and it’s so hard to narrow down my favorite roasts in this flavor profile. It’s classic with a twist and when done right, it always tastes a little too good to actually exist.

Best value salted caramel coffee

Ok, hear me out for this one, but Panera’s salted caramel coffee is BOMB and I’m not kidding. I stumbled across this fact when I used to work in retail and one of the only food places that was accessible during my lunch break was Panera. I used to avoid Panera because even though their food is good, it’s on the pricey side in terms of fast food. And their coffee is not an exception. But one day, I tried their caramel latte and let me tell you – it was almost shockingly good. And their whole bag of salted caramel coffee is less than the cost of three of their brewed, in-house coffees.

Salted caramel coffee for meme queens

Bones Coffee salted caramel coffee is great, but it also has the most hilarious packaging. I mean, look at it. If you don’t recognize the meme, we probably can’t be friends. Okay, maybe we can, but seriously, look at it. Bones is such a solid coffee company as well and every time I give them some of my money I’m happy to do so.

Wildcard salted caramel coffee

Raptis salty caramel coffee is my recommendation if you just want to try something new in this flavor. It’s very, very, very, solid and you’ll enjoy it if you’re into salted caramel. It’s weird, because I feel like this is a flavor that people have extreme stances on, just like pumpkin spice. They’re either grossed out about the thought of it, or it’s one of their favorites.


Turmeric coffee

I’m not sure turmeric is a traditionally “fall flavor” but it definitely gives me cozy vibes. It’s that perfect amount of spice that just makes you feel calmer and warmer pretty much instantly, so that’s why I’m including it on this list.

Best value turmeric coffee

Starbucks surprised me when they came out with a golden turmeric coffee. I am obsessed with turmeric – in my food, in my tea, and now apparently in my coffee. I didn’t jump on the turmeric health/superfood claim train, but I have always been into making curries for dinner, which usually have turmeric in them. It can be an intense flavor if you’re not used to it, but if you like turmeric, try this out for sure.

Mushroom turmeric latte

The Four Sigmatic golden latte is a caffeine-free drink with a variety of alleged health benefits. The studies that the health benefits are based on don’t seem to all necessarily correlate to solid evidence of the benefits, but there are a lot of people who seem to have a good experience using coffee products with different types of mushrooms in them. This one supposedly can help with skin and stress issues. Either way, it’s a great-tasting, caffeine-free turmeric latte.


Pecan coffee (Maple pecan, butter pecan, the list goes on)

Best value pecan coffee

Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan coffee is amazing, cheap, and tastes exactly like you think it would. It’s a solid coffee brand that tastes absolutely wonderful and somehow sells their stuff at a price point that doesn’t hurt. It’s like a warm, pecan-flavored hug for your mouth and I’m about it.

Starbucks maple pecan coffee (because we have to)

No pecan coffee list would be complete without the Starbucks Maple Pecan coffee. It’s SO good and if you are into pecan-flavored coffee, you have to try this one.


Toffee nut coffee

Toffee nut coffee is mind-blowingly delicious and tastes super indulgent. I don’t drink it all too often, because I don’t find a lot of toffee nut-flavored coffees when I’m out grocery shopping but there are a few ways to get it at home if you’re willing to order online.

My favorite way to have toffee nut coffee: Just buy the syrup and make your own

There’s not a lot of toffee nut coffees to choose from on the internet, so what I usually do when I have a craving is to use some toffee nut syrup with some foamed almond milk and whatever non-flavored coffee I have on hand. The syrup is usually available on Amazon but the price definitely varies – I would grab it when it is around $25. (This is a whole liter of syrup, so it’s more than the regular size syrups you see in the store.)

Ready-to-brew toffee nut coffee grounds

Door County Almond Toffee Coffee: This is the only coffee on this list that I haven’t personally tried, but I had to include it because there are so few options available for people who are looking for toffee nut coffee. I’ll definitely be trying it out soon and I’ll come back here to update you guys! I have high hopes because the average review is over 4 stars.


This list = best fall flavored coffee ever (well, IMO) and I hope you find a new favorite here. Which of these flavors is your go-to? And do you have any recommendations for me? Drop me a comment and let me know about your favorite fall coffee flavor because I’m pretty much obsessed with every single one and if you have a go-to, I need to know about it.