Cute PJ Sets for Moms (Pajama Holiday Gift Guide 2020)

Y’aaaaaaaaalll. This year has been no joke. I mean, what the what? Not to be incredibly basic, but I need all the comfy and cozy I can get this year.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve been working from home in my PJs before 2020, but I feel like this year has been the kind of year where the little things count. Things like feeling comfortable in your home are more top of mind for a lot of us, I feel like.

Enter: Cute and comfy pajamas. You can absolutely never have enough of them, but it’s my personal belief that you need at least one set of really cute pajamas.

If you work from home, you’ve probably discovered that some days call for actual clothes, but some days it’s just not going to happen. Especially if you have kids. Here are some of my favorite cute PJ sets for moms working from home right now or just surviving day by day.

Cute PJ sets for moms working from home


The perfect gift for moms during the holidays: comfy and cute PJ sets

I’ve loved comfy pajamas waaaaayyy before becoming a mom, but oh my gosh, now PJs are absolutely life-giving. If I am comfortable, I love my life (well, for the most part) and I would never be upset about getting a cute PJ set as a gift. I’m more of a short sleeve and shorts set type of PJ-wearer, but all of these PJ sets are super cute and perfect for moms. Especially new moms who may not have a collection of cute and comfortable pajama options in her wardrobe yet.

1.) Black & White Plaid Flannel Long PJs // 2.) Microplaid Flannel Grey Long PJs // 3.) Grey Long PJs with Red Piping // 4.) Pink Snowflake Short PJ Set // 5.) Tan Plaid Flannel Short PJ Set // 6.) Lightweight Animal Print Short PJ Set // 7.) Pink and Black Buffalo Plaid Long PJ Set // 8.) Black Constellation Long Set // 9.) Big Leopard Print Short PJs // 10.) Green Flannel Short PJs // 11.) Solid Plain Cotton Short PJ Set // 12.) Black Moon & Stars Short PJs


Black Friday and holiday deals for PJ sets for women

So far, some of the winning places to shop for PJ sets are not super surprising, but you might discover something new on this list. I don’t like to spend more than $50 on a pajama set, but I’ll go a little higher for a nice robe or something like that. A robe is something I feel like you only need 1-2 of, though. Where with PJ sets, I’ll literally take infinity pairs of them, please.

Here’s a few of the deals happening this year where you can score amazing pajama sets for women:

  • American Eagle – 25-50% off depending on the category. They have some really cute sets, including a couple of the sets I included in this post.
  • Macy’s – Up to 60% off pajamas, varies by the brand.
  • Target – My FAVORITE place for cute PJ sets, hands down. They’re never super expensive and they’re usually super comfy. I highly recommend the Colsie brand and the Stars Above brand in women’s pajamas and loungewear. Several deals on PJs are always happening during the holidays, so keep checking back.
  • Amazon – Good for cheap, cute, and trendy pajama sets. I wouldn’t buy your ride or die sets here, but it’s great for grabbing a new one here and there.
  • Nordstrom – Higher-quality PJ sets starting at $39, which is awesome. Perfect for anyone you want to pamper (or yourself – especially yourself to be honest.)

Hope you found something adorable with these links today! I think cute PJ sets for moms is one of the best possible gifts that you can give, because it’s something that she will actually use over and over again. I don’t know a single mom who doesn’t appreciate an adorable pajama set, so if you’re looking for a no-brainer gift for a mom, I think PJs are a safe bet!