11 Useful Gifts for Work from Home Freelancers (That They’ll Actually Use)

If you know any work-from-home freelancers on your holiday gift list, you know that every little bit of help counts.

Staying comfortable is the key to working the long hours freelancers often have to put in so that they can cover extra expenses usually covered by a salaried job like health insurance, for example. Here are eleven valuable gifts that will make their daily life easier.

I’m a freelancer and a mom, and I think all these gifts are helpful and will be appreciated. Let’s get into these gift ideas for freelancers.

1.) Foam office chair cushion

A freelancer’s desk is their office, and their office chair is their throne. But not all office chairs are created equal. Some are uncomfortable, some are plain, and some just don’t offer the support that an office worker needs.

A foam office chair cushion is the perfect gift for any freelancer in your life. Not only will it help them stay comfortable during long hours at their desk, but it will also provide much-needed support for their back and neck.

When working from home, you must have a comfortable chair that you can rely on. A foam office chair cushion is a great way to show freelancer friends that you care about their comfort and well-being. They may not have thought of it, but I can tell you from personal experience that it makes such a huge difference in my comfort level while working from home.

2.) Air filter

Freelancers often work from home, which can be great for many reasons. One downside, however, is that indoor air quality can suffer. pollutants from cooking, cleaning, and even off-gassing from furniture and carpets can quickly build up in a small space.

An air filter is an excellent gift for a freelancer because it can help to improve the air quality in their home office and make it a healthier workplace. Air filters come in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits the freelancer’s needs and your gift budget. If their office space is pretty small, a miniature desktop-sized air filter can make a difference.

Whether they need something to remove dust and pollen or something to trap smoke and pet dander, an air filter can help to create a cleaner and more comfortable workspace.

3.) Big water bottle or high-quality reusable coffee mug

Freelancers often have to hustle to make ends meet. They are often working overtime, meeting with clients, scrambling to get work done, and trying to find new gigs. Especially in the first couple of years in business!

A big water bottle or a high-quality reusable travel coffee cup is the perfect freelancer gift. It will help them stay hydrated and caffeinated, so they can keep up with their hectic schedules.

Plus, it is a practical gift they will use, unlike some of the more gimmicky freelancer gift ideas. They’re more likely to stay hydrated if they only have to fill up a water bottle 1-2 times per day.

4.) Foot massager

After a long day of sitting at a desk, your feet can feel pretty cramped. That’s why a foot massager is an excellent gift for any freelancer in your life.

A well-made foot massager will help relieve tension and pain in the feet, making them feel more comfortable and relaxed after a long work day. If you’re going to get a foot massager for a freelancer, I recommend avoiding a cheap massager. I’ve tried a couple of these, and they break easily and aren’t worth it.

5.) Under-the-desk treadmill

Getting your daily steps in can be tricky when you work from home. That’s where an under-the-desk treadmill can come to the rescue. My house is pretty small so even if I do laps, it’s tricky to get enough movement into a workday.

This handy little piece of equipment allows freelancers to stay active while working. And since it fits neatly underneath a desk, it doesn’t take up much space. Once you get used to walking and working simultaneously, it kind of becomes second nature.

You can probably find one secondhand in your area using Craigslist or Facebook marketplace because many people will buy fitness equipment and never use it.

If you can’t find a gently used one in your area, I recommend this one from Amazon.

6.) Cozy blanket

Almost anyone will agree that you can’t have too many comfy blankets. Anytime someone gets me a blanket, I am stoked.

And blankets are something that you can tie into an interest or hobby that the person you’re buying for enjoys. For example, you can get them a blanket with plants or cows on it. Or a Mario Kart or Lord of the Rings blanket. Score. Think of something they love and buy them that kind of blanket.

Go for a super luxe blanket like Barefoot Dreams if you’re working with a larger budget.

7.) Houseplant

If the freelancer in your life doesn’t already have a houseplant, now is the perfect time to get them one. Houseplants can help to purify the air, boost moods, and add a touch of greenery to any space.

There are tons of different houseplants to choose from, so you can pick one that is easy to care for or more exotic. Some of my favorites are succulents, prayer plants, spider plants, and snake plants – these plants are relatively low-maintenance and don’t need crazy amounts of light to live. These are commonly found at garden centers, so check out a local place if you’d rather not order online or need your plant quicker!

If they don’t have a greenhouse or dedicated space to monitor humidity levels, I’d recommend staying away from tropical houseplants, but if they have a setup for those plants, ask them to let you know what houseplant is on their wishlist!

8.) Coffee or tea subscription or bulk order

If the freelancer in your life loves coffee or tea, consider getting them a subscription to their favorite coffee or tea company. This way, they’ll always have a fresh supply of their favorite beverage.

You can also buy them a bulk order of their favorite coffee beans or loose-leaf tea. This is an excellent option if you want to save money or if the person you’re buying for is picky about their coffee or tea.

9.) Wax warmer and some wax melts

Wax warmers are an excellent way to make a space smell nice without using candles. And they’re safer than candles, so that’s always a plus.

You can find wax warmers online or at most home goods stores. I recommend getting a starter kit that includes a few different wax melts so the person you’re buying for can try out a few different scents.

Wax melts can also match up with an interest or theme your giftee enjoys.

10.) Cute cold brew coffee flask

If the freelancer in your life loves cold brew coffee, this is an excellent gift. It’s a cute and practical way to make cold brew coffee in advance for the week and take it wherever it needs to go – including to your desk.

I like this one from Amazon because it’s shaped like a wine bottle and takes up a lot of vertical space, which often gets wasted in a fridge. You’ve got to admit that it’s pretty refined-looking for a coffee maker.

11.) Tech accessories, like a keyboard or a monitor riser

Tech accessories make great gifts for work-from-home freelancers because they can help make their jobs easier.

One useful tech accessory is a keyboard. If the freelancer in your life doesn’t have a wireless keyboard, that can be a game-changer. It will allow them to move around their workspace more efficiently and be more comfortable while working.

Another useful tech accessory is a monitor riser. This can help to improve posture and ergonomics while working at a desk. It’s also great for freeing up desk space. I have this bamboo monitor riser, which I love – it’s got a shelf to store some small desk accessories, which comes in handy.

There are tons of different tech accessories to choose from, so you can pick something that you know the person you’re buying for will love and use. Consider the freelancer’s desk setup and make sure you’re buying something that will suit their style. For example, with a monitor riser, you can find them in white, black, clear acrylic, and wooden or bamboo.

What other useful gifts would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!